What people are saying...

 "When you find a judge with the integrity and backbone of Circuit Judge Brent Elliott you do one thing - re-elect him."
Vic Litton - Lock Springs 


“A parents values are frequently reflected in their children’s lives. Brent and Connor’s devotion to God, Country, and Community are demonstrated by their work with scouting and their church. Both are Eagle Scouts as well as God and Country recipients. They exemplify those values.”
Francis Whitmer, Stewartsville - Missouri Department of Health, Retired

 “When his mother passed from cancer, Brent provided wonderful care to his father. He is also a great father to Connor. Never question Brent Elliott’s integrity, character, or commitment to family –they are above reproach.
Janice Heimbaugh, Amity – RN Home Health Provider


"Judge Elliott ordered prison cases be heard at the prison and, when the technology became available, ordered prison cases be heard via closed circuit television. These moves made everyone safer and saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.”
Mike Kemna - Deputy Director Missouri Department of Corrections, Retired

"Judge Elliott's leadership in the juvenile justice system has had a positive impact in both our schools and communities. His disciplined approach coupled with preventative and awareness programs on bullying and other juvenile issues is welcomed by parents, educators and law enforcement officials alike."
Sandy White, Cameron/Stewartsville - Missouri High School Counselor of the Year 2000


“As a prosecutor, Brent Elliott tried dozens of felony jury trials and obtained a conviction in each one. As a judge, he has tried hundreds of cases and has one of the best appellate review rates in the state. If you have a complex case to try – you want Judge Elliott on the bench.”
Wally Bley – President, University of Missouri School of Law Board of Trustees

“I tried cases with Brent Elliott when he was practicing law and I have appeared before him in his capacity as a judge. He runs a professional, disciplined courtroom and is highly respected by the best lawyers in the state. Justice is not for sale in Judge Elliott’s Court.”
Kevin Regan – Named by Peers to “Top 50 Lawyers Kansas and Missouri”
(Legal Counsel for many Kansas City Chiefs)


"Judge Elliott has tried hundreds of civil and criminal cases and does an excellent job. His opponent has never been a judge of any kind - not even a municipal judge."

Kenneth C. Hensley - One of the Most Prolific Trial Attorneys in Missouri's History